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This guide is a short tutorial on HDDOR tools for data recovery technicians and related personnel; this manual should not be used as a training guide.

These tools are not recommended if there is no professional equipment support. We suggest that you use some validated data recovery tools instead, e.g. Ace Lab.

We offer trainings on data recovery tools, including head replacement tools and other auxiliary tools for data recovery developed by HDDOR.

The trainings do not include data recovery courses, only about the proper use of HDDOR tools.

The trainings cover topics on how to solve physical failures of hard drives, and usually provide advanced machine knowledge about hard disk drives.

You can watch the instructional videos on HDDOR tools on YouTube.

We have released the Firmware Database; users can enjoy free downloads of firmware after completing the online registration.

This service cover all kinds of firmware files of hard disk drives for data recovery and computer forensics.

Updating firmwares may damage the hard disk drive; HDDOR is not responsible for any consequences that may arise.