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HDDOR ST 2.5'' Ramp Set

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What is the HDDOR tool?

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HDDOR ST 2.5” Ramp Set is a set of head replacement tools which can be used to safely and easily replace heads on most of 2.5” Seagate hard drives which “park heads” on a ramp. Set contains 5 of head replacement tools: ST2.5” Ramp p1, ST2.5” Ramp p2a, ST2.5” Ramp p2b, ST2.5” Ramp p3 and ST2.5” Ramp p4.

ST2.5” Ramp p1

This head replacement tool can be used on 2.5” Seagate hard drive model Momentus Thin with 1 platter.

ST2.5” Ramp p2a

ST2.5” Ramp p2a head replacement tool can be used on the first type of Seagate 2.5” hard drive mechanics which includes models 4200.2, 5400.2, 5400.3, 5400.4 and Momentus PSD with 1 or 2 platters.

ST2.5” Ramp p2b

ST2.5” Ramp p2b head replacement tool can be used on the second type of Seagate 2.5” hard drive mechanics which includes models 7200.3, 7200.4, 7200.5, 5400.5 and 5400.6 with 1 or 2 platters.

ST2.5” Ramp p3

ST2.5” Ramp p3 head replacement tool can be used on older 2.5” Seagate hard drive model FreePlay which has 3 platters. These hard drives usually came in external FreeAgent Go casings and had capacities of 750GB or 1TB.

ST2.5” Ramp p4

This head replacement tool can be used on new 2.5” Seagate hard drive model FreePlay with 4 platters and 7 or 8 heads. These hard drives usually come in external FreeAgent GoFlex casings with capacities larger than 1TB.

They cannot solve incompatibility issues. They can only support hard disk drives, with easy and safe head replacement.

Head replacement tools (head combs) offer a safe and easy way to replace the magnetic heads of hard disk drives. These tools can ensure a non-contact head replacement.

That means there is no contact between the heads, or between heads and platters when you disassemble donor heads and install heads on malfunctioning hard disk drives.

Heads can be transferred from donor to malfunctioning hard disk drives in a few easy steps. During the process of head replacement, heads do not touch each other or make any contact with the platters. Each head change tool is designed for specific brands and models of hard drives, and these tools are not generic since mechanics of different hard drives doesn't match.

These tools offer as one-piece, not as a pair.

Supported models:

The list of tools may be updated as we get information from the market. HDDOR isn’t responsible if the producer change the architecture of a drive from the list above.

HDDOR ST 2.5 Ramp Set

Most of supported Seagate hard drives don’t have a definitive way to determine the type of mechanics only by their model name. Because of this, we will present a list of Seagate hard drives supported by the whole set.










Momentus Thin



ST9500325AS ST9320325AS ST9250315AS ST9160301AS ST9160314AS ST9120315AS ST980313AS ST9500325ASG ST9320325ASG ST9250315ASG

ST9160314ASG ST980313ASG

ST9320320AS ST9160310AS ST980310AS ST9320320ASG ST9160310ASG ST980310ASG

ST9250827AS ST9200827AS ST9160827AS ST9120817AS

ST9160821AS ST9120822AS ST9100828AS ST980811AS ST960813AS ST940814AS ST9160821A ST9120822A ST9100828A ST980815A

ST960815A ST940815A

ST500LT012 ST320LT007 ST320LT009 ST320LT012 ST320LT014 ST320LT020 ST250LT003 ST250LT007 ST250LT012 ST250LT021

ST9750430AS ST9888430AS ST91000430AS ST1000LM010 ST1000LM002 ST1500LM003






Momentus PSD







ST9500420AS ST9320423AS ST9250410AS ST9160412AS ST9500420ASG ST9320423ASG ST9250410ASG ST9160412ASG

ST9320421AS ST9250421AS ST9160411AS ST980411AS ST9320421ASG ST9250421ASG ST9160411ASG ST980411ASG

ST91608220AS ST91208220AS ST9808212AS

ST9750422AS ST9750421AS ST9750420AS ST9640422AS ST9640421AS ST9640420AS ST9500424AS ST9500423AS ST9750420ASG ST9640420ASG ST9500423ASG

ST9120821A ST9100824A ST98823A ST96812A ST94813A ST93811A ST9120821AS ST3100824AS ST98823AS ST96812AS

ST94813AS ST93811AS

ST9100822A ST980821A ST960821A ST950212A ST9402113A ST930219A

*Due to the large diversity in 2.5” Seagate hard drive mechanics, some tools will have a limited function on some

models of these hard drives. Limited function will mean that the securing pin couldn’t be used because the hole

for it on the head arm has a slightly different shape or position.

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