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    All content of this website (including but not limited to text, picture, pattern, webpage, video and audio, database, program, LOGO, page layout, special column list and name, and content classification) is owned by HDDOR.

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Patent Declaration

Our products are patented and protected by the related intellectual property laws and regulations. To safeguard our lawful rights and interests, we solemnly declare as follows:

    1. According to the Patent Law, any third party shall not manufacture, imitate, use, sell, offer to sell, import or export our patented products with the purposes of business, or use our patented process or the products directly obtained by this patented process and the products improved by this patented process without permission from the Company;

    2. As of the issuing date of this declaration, the Company has not yet licensed the patent right or proprietary technology to any third party;

     3. If any third party makes illegal use of the Company’s patent technology or proprietary technology, the Company will prosecute the lawbreaker for its legal liabilities, including civil, administrative and criminal liabilities, by the law;